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What is HD Youth ministry? 


Answer:  HD Youth is a ministry that builds & edifies young people between the ages of 12-18.  We believe a youth ministry should thrive with heart & passion for God, to live according to His Word and for His glory!  Any young person knows that living right & making Godly choices are not always easy but when you begin to learn and understand that God has created you with a plan and purpose for your life then that's when living for God gets easier and better.


What to expect?


Answer:  Exciting and fun filled times of laughter! Challenging teaching, issues and encouraging one another to grow and become stronger for Jesus Christ.  Building new relationships, friendships and holding each other accountable to do good works.  Having an attitude that I will not live like everyone else but yet I will make a stand to live upright according to the Word of God to fulfill everything He has for me.  "A life without God is no life at all!"


When & where we meet?


Answer:  We meet every Wednesday @7pm inside youth building.


Our goals:  

-Develop a love & passion for God.

-Find God's purpose for our life.

-Identify gifts so that we can reach our highest potential.

-Determine to live by the word of God.

-Create a God fearing culture for this next generation.


Annual activities: Winter youth camp, magic mountain, Church lock-ins, youth bbq & movie nights, small group bible studies, various summer beach trips, summer swimming parties, youth takeover nights and so much more!

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